Past Competition Site Theatre _ Say Hello To The 3rd Prize Winners _ Alessandro Carabini + Alice Braggion (FRANCE) !

Congratulations Alessandro + Alice !

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Past Competition Site Theatre _ Say Hello To The 2nd Prize Winners _ Beata Momot, Nina Kempa, Karolina Jabłonska (POLAND) !

Congratulations Beata, Nina and Karolina !

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Past Competition Site Theatre _ Say Hello To The 1st Prize Winners _ Carlos Soria Vallecillo, Manuel Martinez-Carrasco Vallecillo (SPAIN) !

Congratulations Carlos + Manuel !

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Past Competition _ Site Theatre Winners Now Online !

Site Theatre _ Baleal, Peniche, Portugal
an international architecture competition (July 20, 2017 - November 11, 2017)

On behalf of ArkxSite, we would like to congratulate the following winners and honorable mentions for their compelling competition submissions!

The results are composed of (3) teams of young professional architects and (7) teams of architecture students!

A special thank you to the Jury members for their expertise, valuable time and dedication throughout the evaluation period!

Lisa Ekstrom + Erik Gardell (Sweden) _ SKALSO ARKITEKTER
Juan Antonio Serrano Garcia + Paloma Baquero Masats (Spain) _ Serrano+Baquero
Luciano Kruk (Argentina) _ Luciano Kruk

Thank you to all of the participants for submitting your ideas, enjoy browsing through the diverse design proposals!


SITE THEATRE _ Submission Deadline Is In 4 DAYS: NOVEMBER 11, 2017 !

Remember the submission deadline is just around the corner:
November 11, 2017 @ 23:59 hrs (Portugal, Western European Time Zone)

Please refer to the competition brief for all submission requirements.

Note: All competition submissions are to remain anonymous throughout the competition phase and will only be identified using the registration code assigned by ArkxSite during the registration process.  No entry will be reviewed or evaluated that contains any mark, logo or other indication of the identity of the team members located on the competition panel.

* Below is a submission checklist to help you clear up any last minute questions.

Good luck to all of the participants, we look forward to seeing your design submissions!