Site Sanctuary _ Monsanto, Portugal

an international architecture competition (February 09, 2017 - May 27, 2017)


On behalf of ArkxSite, we would like to congratulate the following winners and honorable mentions for their compelling competition submissions!

The results are composed of (7) teams of young professional architects and (3) teams of architecture students!

A special thank you to the Jury members for their expertise, valuable time and dedication throughout the evaluation period!

Ophélie Herranz Lespagnol + Paul Galindo Pastre (Spain) _ PYO Arquitectos
Tran Thi Ngu Ngon + Nguyen Hai Long (Vietnam) _ Tropical Space
Manuel Cervantes Cespedes (Mexico) _ Manuel Cervantes Cespedes / CC Arquitectos

Thank you to all of the participants for submitting your ideas, enjoy browsing through the diverse design proposals!




SS26437 Ardy Hartono Kurniawan, Adwitya Dimas Satria, Wilusty Tengara, Stella Thamrin (INDONESIA)


Jury remarks:


The approach is simple and elegant. The intervention is carefully placed next to St. John’s Chapel. The project defines an abstract spatial unit that contains pure geometric spaces formally linked to the site without mimicking it. The spirituality and transcendence of the proposed space is a result of this tension between the natural and the artificial, between the reflection and the abstraction. The proposal does not seek to disappear or melt into the site but it looks for a strategic position vis-à-vis the ruin, thus establishing a continuing multilateral dialogue. The inner spaces are well articulated through a sequence of scale, light, height and view changes. Also, the narrative strategy is clear, powerful and suggestive.

This project started with an interesting concept: new forms are inspired by the remaining outlines of the old construction. These basic geometries had transformed into functional spaces and silent pauses of life. This is a well-done design that embraces abstract spaces with vivid, but serene images.

I believe that present times are in need of simplicity, economic and intellectual. This project represents this idea on the proposal but also on the aesthetics. I also read a question on the pictures, for me it evokes questioning, not only contemplation of a site, but ideas.






SS26411 Charles Cossement, Nicolas Cartier, Gil Cardoso (PORTUGAL)


Jury remarks:


This project designs a building with a sensuous connection to life that goes far beyond form and construction. The space evokes a sombre and reflective character. A mystical and intimate interior that invites reflection is masked by a very rigid rectangular exterior. The building has a beautiful silence that is associated with attributes such as composure, self-evidence, durability, presence, and integrity, and with warmth and sensuality as well. The project has the ability to condense in one single object the site geological qualities inside the volume and the ruins monumental qualities outside it.

The design is shaped with simple geometries and exists like an inseparable part of the site. Natural light flows into the interior space elegantly, which evokes the instinctively tranquil emotions in any person staying inside. There the stories are told inside the stillness of the stones.

Again simplicity and silence. Admiration for light and contrast, two beautiful aspirations.







SS26329 Rami Tubaila, Rakan Al Ansari (JORDAN)


Jury remarks:


The project creates a thin mobile fleece over the existing ground that responds to natural elements, thus transforming the landscape. The interest is focused on defining a space that fractures the landscape, generating a transition between the different structures existing in the sanctuary.

This idea is a friendly and native bridge between architectural elements and the neighboring environment. It respects the surrounding views as well as the imagination of a gradually formed history through every footstep. This is a neat idea for a modern construction to exist inside a historic site.

For me this project represents a great idea on topography, interaction with positive and negative spaces through the site. The way natural light enters into spaces created with the contention of site and natural formations are lovely. The idea of a walk that have moments of exposure but enclosure, moments of light but shade is powerful and poetic.




SS26310 Jacek Grzegrzółka (POLAND)
SS26381 Eva Hanewinckel, Verena, Dengler (GERMANY)
SS26421 Ester Serradell Buhigas, Antoni Grau Llinàs (SPAIN)
SS26335 Cecilia Scheps, Clara de Cores, Patricia Carriquiry, Sofía Pirotto (URUGUAY)
SS26372 Nelson Larroque (FRANCE)
SS26312 Lars Hinrichs, Philipp Bütof (GERMANY)
SS26371 Tiago Seixas, Simón Fique (PORTUGAL)




This international one-stage architecture ideas competition invites all architecture students, young architects and young professionals with a degree in architecture studies (≤ 40 years old) to develop and submit compelling ideas for the design of a Site Sanctuary located on the powerful natural scenery of Monsanto, Portugal.

Monsanto has a number of significant landmarks within a prominent landscape.  For its authenticity, atmosphere and significance, Monsanto has been named the 'most Portuguese village of Portugal'.

When generating a vision for an intervention located within such a spectacular place, it is essential that each proposal emphasises, respects and celebrates the site, while provide visitors with a unique experience.



Ophélie Herranz Lespagnol + Paul Galindo Pastre (Spain) _ PYO Arquitectos
Tran Thi Ngu Ngon + Nguyen Hai Long (Vietnam) _ Tropical Space
Manuel Cervantes Cespedes (Mexico) _ Manuel Cervantes Cespedes / CC Arquitectos



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This is strictly an ideas competition, an academic exercise and will not be built.  ArkxSite or any other organisations do not have the authority nor intention to award contracts for design services as a result of this competition.  Awarded proposals should consider their award as recognition of excellent work in this competition.