Site Cultural Center _ Moura, Beja, Portugal

an international architecture competition (December 08, 2017 - March 31, 2018)


On behalf of ArkxSite, we would like to congratulate the following winners and honorable mentions for their compelling competition submissions!

The results are composed of (6) teams of young professional architects and (4) teams of architecture students!

A special thank you to the Jury members for their expertise, valuable time and dedication throughout the evaluation period!

Pablo Perez Palacio + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas (Mexico) _ DCPP
Aljoša Dekleva (Slovenia) _ dekleva gregorič architects
Maria Rius + Arnau Tiñena + Ferran Tiñena (Spain) _ NUA arquitectures


Thank you to all of the participants for submitting your ideas, enjoy browsing through the diverse design proposals!



CC37319  Ba Trung Ngo (VIETNAM)


Jury remarks:


In service of the Atalaia Magra above-ground visitors’ experience The Gap humbly shows the evidence of itself in an almost impossible thickness of a basic roof element, playing with the horizontality of the view. Does the neatly organised underground really need the view? Or should it only focus to the heavy foot of Atalaia Magra...

The intervention emphasizes the tower and its natural context. By burying most of the program achieves to disappear and at the same time be present in a subtle and integrated construction, which helps the visitor to understand the site.

The best asset and feature this project has is that it doesn’t try to envolve the tower with a solid volume or limit, but instead it integrates it within an empty space in the form of a small plaza and encloses this new public space with the subtile pavilion. The arrangement of the plan is very well achieved.





CC37428  Daniel Pettett (AUSTRALIA)


Jury remarks:


Boldly marking the position of the ruins in the landscape the new Cultural Centre presents the Atalaia Magra’s contemporary horizontal counterpart. Without unnecessary physical contact, the new and the old become one united architectural entity. Carefully conceptualised route masters visitor’s experience entering across the landscape through the immersive ramp and linear sequence of spaces to the framed view at the end of the building, which meets the landscape there again.

The intervention allows the visitors to approach the tower and its surroundings in different ways. With a simple gesture it organises the centre in a perpendicular volume which contrasts and dialogue with the tower.

The concept and intention of this project is very strong and well achieved by it’s representation and plan. It is a strong gesture that the tower interrupts the new volume and the path passes through it, and again, no volume or construction interrupts the view nor the relationship of the tower with it’s surroundings.





CC37343  Miha Rijavec (SLOVENIA)


Jury remarks:


In safe distance to Atalaia Magra the ring of the Cultural Centre seeks context in topography and nature of the site’s landscape. While seeking shadow the visitor will play the game of being inside or outside of the perimeter wall, while observing and considering the approach to the tower’s remains.

The intervention gives value to the tower and the landscape by respecting both in different ways. The constructed path achieves, with the minimum impact, a diversity of spaces and points of view around the tower.

The asset on this project is the enclosed space in the middle that forms a public open space. On the other hand, I don’t think the relationship of the tower with the landscape should be interrupted or drastically changed with a new object all around it.





CC37337  Dominika Kubicka, Marta Opalinska (POLAND)
CC37311  Willi Wagner (GERMANY)
CC37315  Alejandro Guinea Rico, Cristina González Zafra (SPAIN)
CC37338  Xuan Wang, Tianze Yu, Zhengxiao Wang (CHINA)
CC37434  Yu-Wei Liu (TAIWAN)
CC37348  Suzannah Grasel (USA)
CC37325  Lucie Michel, Adriana Blanco Marote, Paul-Adrien De Vreese (FRANCE)





This international one-stage architecture ideas competition invites all architecture students, young architects and young professionals with a degree in architecture studies (≤ 40 years old) to develop and submit compelling ideas for the design of a Site Cultural Center located near the remarkable remains of the medieval watchtower Atalaia Magra near Moura, Beja, Portugal.

The Atalaia Magra remains are a landmark of great cultural heritage and historical significance with characteristics that must be fully preserved.

When generating a vision for an intervention located within such a spectacular place, it is essential that each design proposal emphasises, respects and celebrates the site and existing ruins, while providing visitors with a unique experience.



Pablo Perez Palacio + Alfonso de la Concha Rojas (Mexico) _ DCPP
Aljoša Dekleva (Slovenia) _ dekleva gregorič architects
Maria Rius + Arnau Tiñena + Ferran Tiñena (Spain) _ NUA arquitectures




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This is strictly an ideas competition, an academic exercise and will not be built.  ArkxSite nor any other organisations do not have the authority nor intention to award contracts for design services as a result of this competition.  Awarded proposals should consider their award as recognition of excellent work in this competition.