Past Competition _ SITE MAUSOLEUM _ Jaspe Quarry, ‘Serra Da Arrábida’, Portugal

an international architecture ideas competition (March 11, 2019 - June 29, 2019)

Congratulations to the following WINNERS !


SM91555 Eiji Otsubo And Takashi Nishizuka (JAPAN)

Jury remarks:

A well calibrated intervention in the landscape that solves all the conditions of the contest with great synthesis and forcefulness is valued. The project is developed as a continuous and suggestive route crossed by multiple atmospheres that demonstrates a skillful handling of the lights, shadows and scales. This intervention transforms the place into an authentic phenomenological experience that concludes with a powerful panoramic view of the landscape.

The continuity of the view of the sea and a new platform with water generates a new dimension that opens the site to the sky and the water as an unexpected horizontal framed landscape. The different paths provided by the project generate varied experiences in the site.

With the site as the main focus, a very elegant promenade that blends with the context and enhances a dynamic experience. Only shadowed by a probably unnecessary excess - because of too artificial - of a utopic water viewing point, it is indeed a very context- conscious proposal where the structure is harmoniously united with landscape.