Past Competition _ SITE MAUSOLEUM _ Jaspe Quarry, ‘Serra Da Arrábida’, Portugal

an international architecture ideas competition (March 11, 2019 - June 29, 2019)

Congratulations to the following WINNERS !


SM91620 Emma Bonilla Albornoz, Daniel Eslava Tovar And Santiago Castillo Reina (COLOMBIA)

Jury remarks:

A sequence of extreme experiences. A hole in the mountain, like a deep cave. You see light, and discover the roughness of stone. You continue, and find light again, this time reflected in water. You decided to get wet, to finally contemplate de immensity of the ocean. A great phenomenological trip full of emotion.

The relationship between the architectural project and the natural elements such as water and light are integrated and form a new landscape that one might think it had existed for decades. There is a mysterious quality in this project that is very appropriate for the theme of the completion and evokes a place of solitude and reflection.

An extremely conscious proposal that reveres the core idea of its nature... the infliction of a wound. In a very elegant and conscious way the project understands the language of the quarry and uses the same grammar for a beautiful result. Maybe not as bold is the relation with water, that is more limited to the rock’s water-surface than to a potentially more transcendental relation with the sea horizon. But in the end, a successful new human footprint, so aligned with the past that disappears.