Past Competition _ SITE CHAPEL _ Pessegueiro Island, Porto Covo, Portugal

an international architecture competition (October 17, 2018 - February 02, 2019)

Congratulations to the following WINNER !


SC83276 Andrés González-Meneses (Spain)

Jury remarks:

The quarry itself is transformed into a façade inside the chapel, and its rugged surface is opposed to the concrete’s flat one. The horizon and the sea become the altar. The chapel lands on the island without any footprint, leaving the landscape intact.

The value of abstraction. The simple composition of the elements is appreciated, but at the same time the cure and proportion of the spaces. The continuous and absolute material of the new grafts merges with the rock of the island. The heart of the island looks after the soul of the guests and turns it towards the vastness of the ocean’s void.

Although the idea of interposing the space of the chapel in the path between the monoliths is debatable, the fact of diverting attention to a new direction, towards the open sea, allows the visitor to be stopped and confronted with a landscape that leads to contemplation.