Past Competition _ SITE CHAPEL _ Pessegueiro Island, Porto Covo, Portugal

an international architecture competition (October 17, 2018 - February 02, 2019)

Congratulations to the following WINNER !


SC83218 Natalie Burkhart (Germany)

Jury remarks:

The path to follow becomes the chapel: the entry descends into the labyrinthine, dark quarry and follows a succession of spaces until the final chamber. In it, the light floods the space, inviting contemplation of the natural elements – stone, water and air.

The project proposes a linear path of meditation, which invites the visitor to a personal meditation. The transition from light to shadow generates different atmospheres. The tower that looks towards the ocean represents a landmark but also a symbol of connection with the absolute.

It is clear how the building is defined in the vertical and horizontal projection of the monoliths of the quarry, this is what ensures an origin in the place, at the same time that it gives a value to the building-chapel itself, and its progressive course to the prayer space.