Past Competition _ SITE CHAPEL _ Pessegueiro Island, Porto Covo, Portugal

an international architecture competition (October 17, 2018 - February 02, 2019)

Congratulations to the following WINNERS !


SC83477 Santiago Esquivel and Alexa Burkle (Mexico)

Jury remarks:

The project honors the original traces of the quarry in a restrained intervention, which is born in the same way the quarry was – through subtraction of matter. This subtraction generates an ascending space that, combined with overhead light, evokes the need to meditate.

A silent project. A simple subtraction identifies the place of the chapel. Space is introverted, like personal meditation. Natural elements (sky, trees, rock) are an important part of the project and stimulate the sensory experience. The simplicity of the act is appreciated: a limited excavation enhances the whole context.

The building appears at the moment in which the order of its context is varied or discontinuous, this is the value that the chapel of the quarries has. It is clear how a quadrant is first emptied to make a new space appear, and then it is excavated to give a spiritual sense to its interior.